How to lower the cost of your new driver car insurance?

If you are in the market for cheap car insurance for new drivers under 21 then you may be struggling to find a policy that suits both your needs, and is also affordable.

Before you dive into browsing through quotes, you should ensure you are fully prepared. There are several things that you could do that would cut the costs of your insurance policy.

Here are just a few things to consider when searching for a quote:

Choosing the Right Car

Deciding on the perfect car for yourself can become a much more laborious task than you had originally intended.

You may have set your sights on your perfect dream car already, but now you have to ask yourself if the car you desire is a reasonable first vehicle? With young driver insurance already being quite costly at times, it’s good to keep in mind that the type of vehicle you drive also has an impact on your insurance premium.

For example, if you were to purchase a brand-new expensive car, it is likely the insurance will be much higher due to the risks that come with a car like that. It’s not only expensive cars that may increase the insurance costs, cars that are extremely old or on their last legs may have a higher premium too, as they could be seen as more unreliable due to the age of the vehicle.

If you’re purchasing a second-hand car ensure you do your research into mileage and how this can affect future costs.

Don’t Get Modifications

Cars with modifications are far more likely to have a higher premium. In fact, there are quite a few insurers that will not even consider a vehicle for an insurance policy if they have certain modifications.

Altering the height of your vehicle, tinting windows and changing suspension are all things which could potentially negatively affect how you drive. Having less vision increases the risks of being in an accident so insurers are less likely to take a chance on a vehicle, particularly one driven by someone younger, with limited driving experience.

Increasing Your Excess

One of the easier ways to decrease your insurance cost is to increase your Excess. This is the amount you pay-out for in the event of an accident. It is essential that you negotiate and research what amount of excess is affordable for you, to avoid any problems arising if you should ever need to pay.

Adding A Parent to Your Policy

Adding a parent to your policy may not sound ideal but adding a more experienced driver to your insurance policy has the potential to reduce the premium. This is because your parent is likely to be seen as a much more experienced and potentially safer or better driver.

If you are to do this, ensure that you put yourself down as the main driver, and not as a Named Driver. Lying about who will be driving the vehicle most so you can cut costs further is called ‘fronting’, and is illegal, and may cause your insurance policy to be cancelled.

Get a Black Box Installed

Insurers have spent time perfecting a cheaper and easier policy that is catered with young drivers in mind. A Black Box policy is designed to monitor how a person drives, which then has the potential to cut the costs of your premium. This policy enables young drivers to show their worth on the road without their inexperience getting in the way.

A black box monitors your speed, cornering, acceleration, breaking and may even monitor the times of day you drive. Some insurers may even implement a curfew to prevent young drivers from driving at more dangerous times – such as night time.


If you are in the market for young driver car insurance brokers then it is essential that you do all the necessary research. Line out exactly what is affordable for you and what you need from your insurance policy.

When searching for an insurance quote you should ensure that you have all your details at hand, and a rough idea on what you’d like your policy to include. If you are unsure on what would be best for you, most sales teams would happily assist in providing a suitable quote from details you provide.